SHAC Meeting

March 24, 2016

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Texas Tribune

Texas Public Schools

Look at Texas school districts and their reported data. This data can show our student growth and our general school demographics. This report is available to the public.

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Stay Safe-Denton County

Stay Safe Program

Officer Leslie Willingham of the Denton County Police Department helps serve as an instructor of the Stay Safe Program. Our Health classes on both the junior high and high school campuses are instructed in the Stay Safe Curriculum. Officer Willingham does classes at the high school both spring and fall and the spring only at the junior high campus. This curriculum helps to address a variety of different items: drug facts/updates, functions of the brain on and off drugs, bullying/relationship violence, internet safety, wake up call, court trial. The elementary school is also involved in the Stay Safe program in the fall. Much of the secondary program generally wraps up about the time we host our annual prom.

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CPR-Ponder High School

Ponder ISD currently instructs our high school students in the knowledge and awareness of CPR. We do this in two different manners. Our current Health courses offer CPR instruction. We utilize our local fire department and Charlie Williams to help do an overview of CPR for our students at the high school. He also brings in dummies for the students to see and practice on if they so choose. The students are not certified in a 45 minute period but awareness is being taught. During this time, Mrs. Yeager addresses emergency situations and how to respond. We also cover this topic in our Anatomy course when the Cardiovascular unit is taught to the senior students.