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A Message from Father Charlie,

Here at St. Thomas and in the Anglican Communion all over the world, the church celebrates the new year beginning in Advent. Advent begins this year on December 2nd. Perhaps we can make our New Years Resolutions earlier than in January and get a head start. The list may read; losing a few pounds, getting off the couch and exercising, organizing the desk, balancing the check book, or reading more. Perhaps reading the Bible more or leafing through the Prayer Book to parts that are unfamiliar.

It is also a time to look at what we all contribute to the ongoing life of this Church and our participation in it or not.

As we all know there is a new Priest in town, so expenses have gone up. But, we have the complimentary services of Mr. Steve Sale with us is a bonus.

We have added a full time Sunday School for children at not expense to the Church. We have some plans to start and expand a ministry which will serve the community and the Diocese in 2019, it has to do with the art of Brass Rubbing. There will be some expenses to start this ministry but it will be worth it.

There will be some changes that take place in beginning with the New Year but they will not effect what seems to be so important to many of you and that is the Liturgy.

From my standpoint, this is a pivotal year in the life of this Church and just having a new priest will not automatically make the Church grow. The Priests' job is to help you do that. Steve and I are more than willing to help any way we can.

I hope you can see St. Thomas up the road ahead when we are no longer here. Is it full or empty? You have a say in that matter. That is why you, your presence, and financial commitment are so important, if the ministry of the Episcopal Ministry is to continue in Ennis.

We started the year with a Defecit and we have not made it up. To function in 2019 we have need of at least $80,000 this year we had pledges of just over $40,000. However, we know there are those who choose not to pledge and give generously.

There is a difference between Giving and Pledging. We give, hopefully out of gratitude for what God had done and is doing in our lives and we give back. Pledging is being accountable and thus letting us know what your intentions are so we can be fiscally responsible with the use of your money and not have to ask if some added expense comes up.

If you are curious about the use of money here at St. Thomas, you are welcome to attend Vestry meetings to see, and participate, to know that we are good stewards of your money.

I hope that you have seen how the ministry has grown a bit with Sandras' and my arrival here in Ennis, for which we are very grateful of your welcome.

So, if after reading this, you believe our ministry here is worthwhile and would like it to continue, I ask you to pray to support the ministry generously by your pledge for next year.

Our checkbooks are probably, our best theological statement about real values. Jesus said, similarly, "where your treasure is, there you heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21)


Father C.

Bless Someone Today

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Diocesan Convention

The Diocesian convetion is this weekend and Fr. C and Kathy Azevedo are representing St. Thomas. We also have a booth this year, and will be advertising our Brass Rubbing materials, and showing anyone interested how to do them.

During November and December we are still collecting shoes and coats for One Mans Treasure. The tubs are in the Parish Hall.

We have recently started introductions to the lessons on the readings to put them in context for you.

Note too: Short meeting of the lay ministers after church on the 3rd Sunday and lay readers on the 4th Sunday, for feedback.

There are some people who have no families to celebrate Thanksgiving with. Some of us from St Thomas will be joining the Methodist Church to help with dinner and to have fellowship. We will have some guests rom Dallas with us for dinner as well.

After the dinner those from St. Thomas will return to watch a Movie "I CAN ONLY IMAGINE" which is about the song of that same name and how it came to be.

Any or all are welcome. Marty Nelson a friend of many here, is overseeing the celebration.

I am going to raise my pledge next year, how about you?


Fr. C

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Monthly Vestry Meeting - Sunday, November 11th at 11:30am

Stewardship Time

In a book, Lynne Twist explains the power we've given our image of money. Money is not a product of nature. Money doesn't grow on trees. Money is an invention and it still facilitates the sharing of goods and services, but somewhere along the way the power we gave money out stipped its original role. We have made money more important that we are by giving it more meaning than human life.

For many of us the relationship with money is a conflicted one, and our behavior with and around money is often at odds with our deeply held values and ideals. We really do want a world that works for everyone. We don't want children to go hungry. We don't want violence and war to plague the planet. Each of us experiences a tug-of-war between out money interests and the calling our soul.

An example: from Richard Rohr. "I know a couple who earn very good money, and yet they live simply, without any status symbols or luxuries, with money set aside for charity. It's a trimmed down life for them and their children. Every month the mother gathers six children around the checkbook. For each that she writes to whomever it might be, to whatever cause or charity, she tells them a story. 'This is why people need it more than we need it.'

And so those kids actually know where the family money is going and that it isn't there in the bank account for them to buy a new toy.

The parents themselves are making choices not to have always new, better, more things. When the parents share those choices, the children are more willing to buy into them. They begin a process of solidarity (not without struggle, however!) At this point they are some of the most mature and responsible -- and yet alive and real -- children I'm aware of, in their community. I think the mother's check-writing process is probably, the best form of religious education.

The rubber has met the road. It's not a highly metaphysical and or spiritual; it's "Jesus means this. Commitment means this. Love means this" that's religious education.

Our checkbooks are probably, our best theological statement about real values. Jesus said, similarly, "where your treasure is, there you heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21)

We pray for those who are ill and those seeking the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit:

Ervin, Darlene, Mack, Colleen, Dale, Helen, Paul, Rick, Celina, Emma, Lily, Jim, Dennis, Maria, Jeffrey, Deborah, Kathy, Alex, Kathleen, & Family.

We pray for those who are fighting cancer and long term illnesses:

Birgit, Maria, Billy, Jose, Lynn, Jessica, Billy, Nancy, Patrick, Lisa, Ricardo, Linda, Thomas, Destri, Diedre, Jesse, Rafael, Jim, Sally, Lisa Ethan, Jana, Charlie, Debbie, Wilson, Barbara, Harriet, Bryan, Roger., Dorothy and all Hospice Patients with their families.


Reminder to change your clocks back an hour on Saturday, November 4rd, before going to bed. Daylight savings will be beginning on Sunday, November 4th.
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I am looking for input on how this is going for you all! Please any input is appreciated as we make this transition from paper to electronic newsletters.

Copies of the newsletter can be found on the table outside the green room.

Thank you,


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