act strategy flyer


english stageys

eliminate: all answer you no are not right cross them off or remember that they are not right. .

annotate: read the passage and highlight important info


Annotating: passages read the passage and highlight or underline important information. also you can write on the margin or on a scrap paper of a summary of what that paragraph was about

guessing: if you don't no the answer to a question then pick a letter and use it for everyone that you don't because there is a chance that a lot of the answer are the same letter

skipping difficult questions: do the questions that you no before you do the difficult questions because you may waste all your time on those and may not have anymore time to do the others.

test format: the test always goes in this order English 75 questions in 45 min, math 60 question in 60 min, then you have a10 min break, reading 40 question 35 min, and science 40 question 35 min. there also is a writing passage but is optional


chunking word problems: highlight important info they may help you with the problem

don't make assumptions: always do the work even if there isn't much time

draw figures: draw the figure it may help you understand the problem better


speed reading: put your fingers on the text and more it along when reading you will read faster

predict: guess what is going to happen next

question types: main idea,inference,point of view, fact, vocab and context