Challenges for presidents

The challenges presidents faced in the early years.

The French Revolution

The French Revolutionary war in 1789 was the battle between the French and their leader. The French wanted a democracy, but the leader was not for that idea. Some Americans were very happy about them changing, but others not so much they were affraid that the wealthy would get their heads cut off, and some did. It was not a good day to be George Washington he had to get rid of the U.S. army because he was scared they were going to take money and liberty away.

Jay Treaty

As George Washington was making his was out of presidential office he still had one more thing he wanted to do before he left. Knowing that that the British still had their troops in Canada George was not happy and wanted them to go. That is when the Jay Treaty was created. It basically said that they had to be pulled from the Ohio Valley. This made it difficult to be president because he had to have the courage to talk to the people that used to own them. He needed to do what was best for his country.

First Three U.S. Presidents

France Wants Money

As the French Revolution was going on they needed more money. Now John Adams was becoming president during this time (1796-1797). He felt that if the U.s. kept giving France money soon we would run out of money. John Adams sent people over there to create peace. This made it difficult for a president because he had to do what was right for the country and had to take charge, yet he could of been scared that France would get mad at us for not giving them any more money.

The Embargo Act

Starting in 1803 England would kidnap U.S. sailors. Obviously they were not happy about that so a new law was created that foreign ships were not allowed to come to the U.S. and U.S. ships can not go to foriegn countries. Eventually 55,000 British saloirs lost their job and they had to stop the Embargo act. This made it difficult for a president because they had to figure out aa way to keep citizens safe and happy, but sometimes they are wrong and things don't work out as planed.

Moving West

A the U.S. population was growing the need for more land was too. The Americans moved into the Ohio and Mississippi valleys which was the Indians land. They were not amused, the British gave them weapons to fight for their land. This made it difficult to be president because they need for veryone to be happy because if they are sharing land then they all have to get along so there isn't another war.