Beth Torah Religious School

Kindergarten and First Grade February Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Our Kindergarten and first graders are very busy with acquiring new Hebrew letters every week. We learned the letters Vav (V sound) and Kuf (K sound) and we will focus next on the letters Tzadee (Tz sound) and Ayin (A sound). We will also learn the vowel Hirik (Ee sound). New vocabulary with new and previous letters are learned on a weekly basis. We cut and pasted in our Machberet some new vocabulary with the letters Shin and Alef.

In Judaic Studies we celebrated the holiday of "Tu B'Shvat", learning about the 7 species that the Land of Israel is blessed with and it is a Mitzvah to eat. As a connection to the holiday we are reading about ways to save the earth and to preserve trees.

As the Jewish month of Adar is coming, it is said: " Mi SheNichnas Adar Marbin Be-Simcha" ( when the month of Adar comes, it is a Mitzvah to be happy). We would like to wish everyone "Chodesh Tov" (good month) and a very happy month of Adar.

Morah Sarit

Morah Revy