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* Reading Homework will look different for the next few weeks. Students will be practicing finding explicit meanings and making inferences in a nonfiction article with questions due each day. At the end of the week on Friday, I will collect the article and answers. This homework is designed to independently practice skills that we are learning in class. Students should continue to read nightly but there will not be a separate reading log.

Dates coming up:

February Vacation 19th-23rd

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ELA Topics


We have begun our nonfiction unit. Students are learning how to develop opinions about a nonfiction text and use evidence to support their opinions. They are also learning how to make inferences by identifying character traits in a biography based on action, and dialogue. We will next look into determining important details and big ideas in a nonfiction text.


Within writing, we have begun structuring our opinion writing using graphic organizers. Students are researching their topic to get primary source evidence to support their opinion. Next, they are using various techniques, such as surveys and examples, to elaborate their evidence in their writing.


We have just finished talking about adverbs versus propositions. Now we will begin reviewing subjects and predicates. Daily, students have a sentence or two fix-it called a "Caught-Ya" where they have to find all of my mistakes in conventions.

Social Studies Topics

Students just finished the Chapter 2 test and overall students did a really nice job on the tests!! In Social Studies, we are midway through Chapter 3 with discussing colonies from Spain and England that are developing in America. Within the extra content blocks, we have begun working on summarizing a nonfiction text and writing a reflection about that text.

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