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Important Dates:

Early Release Day (Half Day dismissal 11:30) October 4th

No School (Teacher In service) October 5th

No School (Columbus Day) October 8th

Early Release Day (Half Day Dismissal 11:30) November 9th

Great Tips:

*A good resource when planning lunches is the Safe Snack Guide:

* Check out the App... This app takes your social media photos from past to present and photos from your phone to combine them in mini photo albums! I love this app because with today's busy lives, this is a great way to compile memories.

Conferences will be scheduled sometime in October/November through "Sign Up Genius" online.

Please feel free to text or call me on my cell anytime, even into the evening. #508-208-9722.

ELA Topics


We have been developing our skills at finding important evidence in the text. Two Signposts, Contrast/Contradictions and AHA Moments, have been introduced to help guide students to understanding what is important in the text and what should be noticed and thought about. (Look at the bottom of this SMORE to see sample skill charts). Students continue to practice finding those two signposts in their independent reading book and partner reading book. We continue to "Read, Relax, and Enjoy".


As we move forward with developing stamina with writing, students are beginning to write narrative stories about their small moments. Each day students learn a new skill to include in their writing such as "Tell a story bit by bit". They then immediately practice that skill during independent writing time. (Look at the bottom of this SMORE to see skill charts with all the strategies we're learning.)


Daily, students have a sentence or two fix-it called a "Caught-Ya" where they have to find all of my mistakes in conventions. They also have grammar challenges during the Caught'Ya to find the nouns, adjectives, and other grammar skills in the sentences. This is usually the time I check homework and reward completion with a stamp.

Social Studies Topics

We are moving into Lesson 2 about Early Americans. In this lesson, students will learn about how the early Americans needed to adapt to their surroundings when building homes, beginning farming, and building an economy.

We have also been learning about Text Features within nonfiction text ranging from nonfiction books, scholastic news, and our social studies packet. This helps students understand where information is located within a variety of nonfiction text.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me anytime via text or email at the contact numbers below.