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Capital and major city

The capital of the country Argentina is buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is also a major city and this city is also the most populated. Other major city's also include la plata, Córdoba, Rosario, and Mendoza. Thes cities are also cities with a large population.

History of Argentina

The county of Argentina use to be undercontrol by Spain, but then on July 9 1816 Argentina gained there independence.

The official language of Argentina is Spanish, but they also have many other languages spoke.

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This is a picture of the Argentina flag. The colors of the flag stands for The blue sky parting to reveal white clouds.


The country of Argentina is located in South America and has many neighboring country's such as Paraguay and Bolivia in the north, Uruguay in the east, Brazil in the northeast and Chile in the west. In Argentina there are many physical features like mountains and rivers. some of the mountains in Argentina is mount cazadero and mount aconcagua. There is also a river called paron.

political and economic

the country of Argentina has a government type of democratic republic.this means that Argentina has a government of both democratic and republic. the leader of the country was is a man named maurici macri. The econimic system of Argentina is socialsim.
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this is a picture of the currency Argentina use. it is called the peso.


people should come and visit the country of argentina because here it is come to some of the best wine. It also holds the best winter and summer sports. if you ever come here to Argentina you should visit a few spots including iguazu falls, los glaciares nation park.


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fun fact

the name argentation comes from the latin word for silver

the population is over 42 million

there are over 30 nation parks