How to stop scams

Internet scams

Scamming people has been popularly past the years. people ask other people for money but they seem like its your friend that needs money, but there not. They go and take your money, sometimes they mite ask for your name,address, phone number and your credit card number, but its not your bank its a scammer that's trying to take your money. We can try to stop the scammers!!!! But we need your help. Scams can travel through, Email, Phones, text and Facebook. You can be scammed on Facebook, Email and text messages.

scamming can travel fast! that's why we need to stop scamming so everyone can have there money and move on in life. There are different kinds of scams, for an example, Employment scam- it is an set up they promise you that you will have a job or a business opportunity,it may seem your dream job and its very well payed and its only a few hours, but it is not your dream job its a scam. Computer hacking-You get a email, they invite up to a link,its from your friend but don't be fooled, but you want to know what it is about so you click on it, then a little note pops up, "you just let a scammer have access to your compter


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