Ice Cross

Winter Extreme Sport by Shane Moore

What is ice cross?

Ice cross is about racing on the track and winning you can do tricks and you can even slide on the ice to get ahead of the people.

Where, when and how did ice cross start?

Ice Cross started in Canada on an ice road people would go there every time when the road would freeze up they would race skate around or just have fun on the ice. It was always racing that they were doing on the ice and then that is how ice cross started in 2001.

What are the rules of ice cross?

The rules of ice cross are to wear protective equipment like shoulder pads chest pads and knee and leg pads. The only way to play in the real game is to practice first to see who gets the fastest time then you would go to a real game to play.

What is the equipment you have to wear in ice cross

#4 The equipment you have to wear is shoulder pads chest pads knee and leg pads.

How is the ice cross played

#6 The competition is won by elimination round only 100 players are entered into the competition. Only 4 players per game and what ever 4 are left get to play that last game in this only happens in 3 days.

Who are the top champions

#7 Marco Dallago and his brother Luca Dallago.

Why should ice cross be a sport

#8 I think ice cross should be a sport in the olympics because its a race and fans would like to some action in the track. Also they would probably see their favorite player in hockey and its good.It also has champion ships so that good hockey players can get to the finals that is were the big award is at.

What is the equipment you have in ice cross