Mrs. Tijerina's Weekly Wrap Up

Look What's Happening in Kindergarten

Letters C and K

This week we learned about Letters C and K. This was tricky for the students because C and K make the same sound. Some C words the students knew were cat, candy, car and cookies. For letter K we came up with kids, kite, kangaroo, king, key and of course, KINDERGARTEN. We practiced writing our upper and lower case letters and words in our writing journal as well as working in our Phonics and Handwriting books. It would be great if you continue to review C and K words with your child.

We Learned About Patterns this week!

We enjoyed a snack after we made our patterns!

We Learned about Apples and Johnny Appleseed!

Other Pictures from this Week!

We are always busy in Kindergarten! Some of our favorite activities this week were: making kites, working on our All About Me posters, watching our caterpillars grow, making patterns with blocks and cereal and writing a letter to Mrs. T.

Paige had a Birthday this week!

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