The 3 Questionable Theories

Continental Drift, Seafloor Spreading, Plate Tectonics

Continental Drift

Evidence Numero 1- Presentation

Evidence Numero 2- See picture

Summary: I sort of believe this theory. Since I'm a Christian I wanted to find out if continental drift is somehow mentioned in the bible. I found an article on it and it says that this could have been caused when the waters receded from Noah's Flood. I am sort of convinced but I'd need more proof to prove this.

Seafloor Spreading

Evidence Nombre 1- Seafloor Spreading Worksheet

Evidence Nombre 2- Seafloor Spreading Presentation

Summary: Harry Hess's Seafloor Spreading theory is a good theory. I believe it and the fact that there is lava coming up and forming rocks is logical. But I wonder where the lava comes from and why it doesn't cool right away when it touches water? The water would get in the ridges and if it's a ridge, how does the rock come up out of that deep ridge? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

Plate Tectonics

Evidence Nummer 1- Plate Tectonics Presentation

Evidence Nummer 2- See Picture

Summary: I think that the group of scientists who came up with plate tectonics were right. The theory makes sense and it's a good explanation of how landforms form and earthquakes happen. Though we don't know if this is true, this theory is quite logical.But about the huge slabs of land, I'm not that convinced.