The Cold War Events


The Iron Curtain

  1. The physical boundary dividing Europe into two separate areas from the end of World War II in 1945.
  2. one country toward another, especially such a barrier between the Soviet Union and its allies and other countries.
  3. it block prople from getting over

The Berlin Wall-fall

  1. the spirit of freedom, didn't give up.
  2. The was one of the shameful symbols of the Cold War and the dangerous division of the world into opposing blocks and spheres.
  3. the suppression of human rights.

the Berlin Airlift

  1. the people who lived there to get food thier food from the airplan.

2. tons of prople were needed daily to keep the over two million people alive.

3.The German people living in the city and the military personnel occupying it were left without supplies or food totaling over two million people.

the Domino Theory

  1. when one fall they other go down with then becaues they are all together.
  2. The theory that a political event in one country like a falling dominos.

  3. the fall of the dominoes treated only as a danger.

the arm race

  1. when tow people fighting for thire county.

  2. A treaty only means anything so long as BOTH sides agree to do it. If one side cheats they going to Start a war.

    3. becaues one person has the power to wipe out an entire country