Food is Food.

Except when it isn't.

How much does 2200 calories a week really cost?

Shopping list:

Lets assume minimum wage, leaving you about $21.00 a week for food.

Total cost of our list:


We end up slightly over budget. $0.13 is by no means unmanageable, but at the same time we did not meet our goal for calories per day for the week.
(The difference can be made up with eating more servings, however this was based on the suggested serving size.)

Total calories per day:


The average human needs around 2200 Calories per day to function. This is based on their personal metabolism and physical activity. A person on this diet would be by no means comfortable but they would survive. However, due to the lack of energy their amount of physical activity would dwindle resulting in a lowered potential earnings ending up with less money for food.

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