The Job of My Dreams

As a surgeon you have to have a controlled arrogance. If it's uncontrolled, you kill people, but you have to be pretty arrogant to saw through a person's chest, take out their heart, and believe you can fix it. -Mehmet Oz

Five Tasks

  • A surgeon must operate on patients
  • Surgeons have to examine patients
  • They must diagnose bodily disorders
  • Surgeons prescribe treatment and procedures
  • A surgeon must prepare case histories

Working Conditions

Surgeons work in hospitals. The environment is well lighted and warm. They also work long hours, work in sterile operating rooms, must work as a team, and are under a lot of stress and pressure.

Degrees and Training

Four years of undergraduate school, four years of medical school, and three to eight years of internship and residency are required.


Everyone always wonders "How much money will I make?" when starting a new career. Surgeons in Arkansas make $133,270 to $184,280 yearly.

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