Tropical Wet- Dry

This area is also called the Savannas it can be dry and wet.

Climate Location

There's only small part of USA that has this and its the southern tip of florida. But some tropical wet and dry areas are Makindu, Kenya, in East Africa. They are usually between 5 and 15 latitude on either side of the equator. And the temperature is usually around 24 c and 27 c.

Yearly Precipitation

100 to 150 cm. Much of the rain falls in the summer. But the precipitation can vary here.

Seasons and Temperature range.

They pretty much stay the same length. The temperature is high must of the year too. So the temperature is mild.

Factors affecting the climate.

The ocean next to it can affect the temperature. The mountains can also have an affect on the weather here. And the trade winds also can have an affect.