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Round 2

Hello Pillow Panther Staff!

I hope you had a restful weekend and a great Mother's Day! I had an opportunity to celebrate with my mom and help Everett celebrate with Caitlin. Mothers are some of the toughest people and it's great to take time to celebrate them.

Tomorrow begins round 2 of our STAAR testing. We will lose 3 days of instruction in order to participate in the ridiculousness that is our high stakes accountability system, but it is what it is. You have worked hard all year long, your students have worked hard all year long, and tomorrow is a chance to show the academic growth that our students have made all year. Thank you to everyone that has worked hard to ensure that our Panthers are ready for the next 3 days. Remember that the campus will be shut down to visitors and the playgrounds will be off limits. Please make sure that we have a quiet and safe testing environment as your students move throughout the building. Feel free to wear jeans all week long and feel free to visit the office for a "pick me up" during your breaks.

Thank you again to all of the staff that helped to make sure our Cinco de Mayo celebration was a success. I love when we take the opportunity to celebrate the history of our diverse student body, and I look forward to doing even more celebrating next year. It's important to learn about each other's cultures.

Lastly, I want to follow up with what I said at our staff meeting about retention. My intention was not to make anyone feel like they are wrong for wanting to retain a student or for retaining a student in the past. My intention was to let you know my thoughts on the matter and to be clear about where I am coming from when we enter the discussion around retention. That doesn't mean I'm not open to it if the circumstance warrants retention. I am not perfect and I am not always right. If you still have a student that you believe needs to be retained, please let me know so we can have a discussion about it.

I'm looking forward to a great week and I'm looking forward to being done with STAAR! I hope you felt appreciated last week during teacher appreciation week. You are so important and you matter, and I hope you know that. See y'all bright and early tomorrow!

-Mr. Hill

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STAAR - 5th Grade Reading Retest

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