Finding lost brother.


The person that we read about is Alberto. Alberto's age is 15. His goal was to find his brother Hernando that was kidnapped. Alberto set up his peace project without the help of anyone else.

Geography/ environment

Alberto and his family lived in a nice neighborhood.The school that he went to the kids were nice the story said "I've mostly worked alone on the peace project, but recently more students have been asking what they can do to get involved. The whole family is a normal family just trying to fit in.

Fight/ promote for change

The event that happened that makes them want to fight for change is the kidnapping of Hernando. Ever seance the kidnapping they have all been working together to find Hernando. The peace project became very important to Alberto. Alberto always thinks about Hernando in a good way and looks up to him.

Hoping for in the future

The thing that Alberto and his family is hoping for in the future is to find there lost family member Hernando. Also help to change columbia and to find the lost friends and their family members.
Colombian Red Cross