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Best tobacco products in town

We have every kinda dip in town, even skoal berry for all you pussys out there.

"You can brush your teeth, you can't brush your lungs."

"Where the fuck's my can?!" - Unknown

"Chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, SPIT!" -Blake Shelton

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Any dip you want, Any time of the day, at any age!!
Chew Tobacco Rag - Billy Briggs
Long Cut Grizzly Music Video (Original Funny Song)
Chris Ledoux-Copenhagen



I grew up in a small town,the only thing to do in this town was fish, drink beer, get bitches, and CHEW TOBACCO!!! I started dipping when i was in 5th grade, and at that young of an age buying dip was a huge issue. Ever since then i have been dedicated to create a store where you cant only get dip quick, but also get dip at a very young age!!!