stor-right 80gb|160gb|250gb|320GB 2.5"portable external slim hard drive

StoR-Right is a UK company assembling portable external hard drives using the highest quality 2.5" and 3.5" drives and aluminum enclosures. . Our drives offer reliable storage and back-up for all your precious photographs, videos, music, and files. We design and market storage solutions to expand the capacity and reliability of your computers.

We understand how important your files are to you. StoR-Right external drives provide the highest quality best value for storing your important data. StoR-Right offers a large range of capacities in both portable and desktop external solutions. StoR-Right's easy drop and drag with high speed data transfer rates (USB 2.0) makes storing files easy. StoR-Right's strong aluminum cases provide ultimate protection for your important data. StoR-Right offers 160GB-500GB portable capacities and 500GB-2TB desktop capacities.

StoR-Right warrants all its products for 1 year.