Human Value v.s. Enlarging a Nation

Western Frontier

Immigrants and Native Americans, Less important than Gaining Land?

In our history we have put the need for more land, enlarging our nation before we think about the value of human life, how many people would be injured, or killed. Like the native Americans and the westward expansion. We killed them and made them give up what is rightfully theirs to gain more land to house families and lay down railroad to connect the west and the east of America. We also killed many Irish and Chinese immigrants to build the railroad to connect the north, east, south, and west. They didn’t even have trouble sleeping at night knowing all theses people were going to die for land and for a railroad. They could have left the native Americans be and made the railroad stop outside their territory but they took their sacred land, kill them, make them change their religion, and go to their schools.

White wanted to expand their territory and gain more land so they have more room for the people living in the North and the South. There was few different reasons why so many people decided to moved west, but the main reason was so they could own a lot of land and gain that land for free. Some other reasons were that they wanted to gain more slave states, and get better land to grow a farm/ family. No matter the cost these people were going to get what they want. The Native Americans had their own culture and their own land and they were happy as they were, but because the White Americans wanted to put a railroad going from the east to the west the Native Americans were forced to fight for their land. The whites killed thousands of Native Americans to get the land they needed and the rest were forced to give up their culture and they had to go to white schools and become like the whites. They didn’t like this and they didn’t want to have to change just because the white wanted their land.

Once they got the land that they wanted to build the railroad they needed people to build it so they hired Irish and Chinese immigrants to do the work. They got very little pay and treated terribly. Many many of theses immigrants were killed because the company's wanted to make the most miles of rail so they got payed more so instead of going a safer route and taking a little longer they used explosives that killed way more immigrants than just using a pick ax to get through a mountain. These people were made to go to America so they could work for very low pay and bad treatment, just to get killed and watch people they care about get blown up. The whites care more about gaining more land, and a railroad than saving many lives.

Comparing what the white Americans did then to what Isis does now

Isis is a terrorist group that takes and kills many people so they can control more land and by controlling more land they control more people. This was shown when in 2014, "leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the existence of a "caliphate" under his control." (Gladu 1) A Caliphate is a religious leader like Muhammad was. Isis beheads people because Muhammad was know to behead traders or people who changed their religion from Muslim to a different region ( Gladu1). Isis might do this mostly because religion and the whites might have not been a terrorist group but they killed many Native Americans just to take there land. This was so then more whites could live there and so they could build railroad so they can expand there land they control. They might look a lot different but they both kill many many people just for land for them to gain and take control of, they both threaten people to listen to them and do what they tell you or you die. They do have differences like, Isis made videos of killing people for money, they destroy anything that doesn't support their religion, they do this also because it is a religious belief, They also believe that, "they believe that caliphate must fight and expand continually.
ISIS needs us to fight, or it has no reason to exist." (Mirror Staff 1) This means they think that they need to keep expanding there territory because they are suppose to for their religion and if they do not they should not be aloud to live. The white did not do that but they made the Native Americans stay on reservations and Isis did not do that. There are differences and similarity, but they both are doing and did horrible things just to gain more territory.

Pictures showing Native Americans, reservations, and immigrants.

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A rap about Western Expantion

Westward Expansion Rap

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