Michael Jackson

a biography by: Michael Isaacks

Basic information

Born August 29, 1958 Gary, Indiana

Died July 25, 2009 Holmby Hills, California

early childhood

As a young boy Michael loved to perform. Him and his brothers started a band in 1964 named The Jackson 5 they became famous almost instantly and they were on the top of the chart around the late 60's there first song was "I want you back" and there last one was "Blame it on the boogie" after that Michael and his brother Jermaine started there solo careers Michaels first song was a song named "Got to be there" and Jermaines was "Lets get serious" but Michael was the one who actually was the one with the most potential.

His amazing impact on society

He had a special place in California called Never Land it was based off of the Disney movie Peter Pan Michael had it built to show his love and support for the kids and that proves that he was a nice man and who ever thinks other wise just dont know him

The most eventful thing in his life

The most eventful thing ever in his life was the release of the biggest hit in the world "Thriller" it shot threw the roof immediately

His career

Michael had a big career in the music industries and he started at the age of 8 he had a great talent and did you know he taught his self to dance now that's amazing. He was a song writer, a dancer, a music producer, and a singer he has an amazing talent that not very many people have and I say that is why he is famous

The year 2005

Michael Joseph Jackson was trialed for sexual abuse towards a young man named Gavin Arvizo the family took him to court and after investigation Mr.Michael Joseph Jackson was found non-guilty

Why i chose this person

I chose this person because he has been my favorite musician since the age of 6 and till this day I still listen to him. I chose him also because he was the first ever famous person i have seen in concert live i don't remember but my mom told me that we went to one and because he has the most meaningful music in the business and he always will

Fun Facts

His favorite animated character was pinocchio.

He owned a boa constricter named "muscles".

He was a big fan of the three stooges.

He is an Exeter city fan.

He had 8 brothers and sisters.

He was very fond of mexican food.

He had won 15 grammies.

He smoked cigarettes.