Oakwood Orchestra News

April 2016-5th Grade Edition

From Ms. Read and Mr. Urban

It's hard to believe that the end of the school year is two months away! Students have been having fun trying out possible pieces for their Spring Concert on May 24th (see below for more information). In addition to new concert music we will continue to develop new concepts like staccato, hooked bowings, and dynamics.

Upcoming Events

April 12: Solo Contest @ 4:15-7:15 pm @ Oakwood (Optional)

  • Individual slots have been assigned
  • Ask your student for the gold letter they received last week

April 26: AMCHS Orchestra Concert @ 7:30 pm @ AMCHS Auditorium

Solo Contest - April 12 (optional)

It important for students to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their assigned performance time to unpack, tune, and warm up. We ask that parents please stay at Oakwood while their student performs. Performances are brief and we frequently run ahead of schedule. Students need to wear either "Sunday best" or their orchestra uniform (orchestra polo and black pants). Students are free to leave after their performance. Comment sheets and ribbons will be distributed the following week.

Spring Concert - May 24

Mark your calendars! Our Spring Concert has been set for Tuesday, May 24th at 7:30 pm at A&M Consolidated High School. We will hold the performance in the same gym as our Winter Concert. Please remember that concerts are a co-curricular event meaning they are a required part of orchestra class.


We want to take this opportunity to remind you about the practice record procedure. Students are supposed to enter their practice time in the online system by Sunday AND turn in a parent signature slip as confirmation on Mondays. We only check Essential Elements Interactive if a student turns in their parent signature page. We record the student's grade and return the parent signature page to them so that they can use it again. We use the same parent signature page for the entire six weeks.

Parent signature sheets are due on Monday but we accept them on Tuesday with no penalty per the school's policy. Starting Wednesday, the highest grade a student can make is a 70.

If you experience computer trouble and your student is unable to record their practice online, please have them record what they practiced and for how long on a piece of paper. They can turn in the paper with their parent signature slip and still receive full credit.

You can find extra copies of the practice record on the orchestra website and in the resource section of Essential Elements Interactive.

We will also be reviewing this policy in class but we wanted to clarify our expectations. Thank you for helping your students keep up with their practicing!

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Mr. Travis Urban