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The EMS Instructional Technology Team is excited to work with students, teachers, and administrators this year to support and enhance the great things going on in our district this year!
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Get to Know Us

Our team is the perfect blend of experience, knowledge, and personality! Pictured above (left to right) are Jennifer Prince, Bob Eikenberry, Jeni Long, Cindy Tucker, Ricky Gode, Sallee Clark, and Scott Boiles. Learn more about our team here.

In addition to our team of seven, we partner with our amazing Campus Technology Integrators (CTIs) to support all campus employees. The CTI on your campus is a full time teacher and/or librarian that provides training and support. See the list of Campus Technology Integrators here.

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Updating your Schoolwires Website

Account Information

If you are a new employee, you will need to register for a Schoolwires (Blackboard) account by clicking User Options > Register from the upper right corner of any page on the district site. When you have created your account, please let your Campus Technology Integrator (CTI) or webmaster so they can set you up with editing access to your section.

If you have a Schoolwires account, but cannot log in, please click User Options > Sign In. Click the Forgot Password link. Your login information will be sent via email.

Website Standards

Not sure what to include on your teacher webpage? Check out the EMS Teacher Website Standards for suggestions and inspiration.

Looking for help?

Check here for helpful resources as you begin editing your site. Your CTI is also a great resource to you.

Does this email seem PHISHY?

Email "Phishing" Scams are, unfortunately, a part of life for all of us. Despite the fact that our Technology Department is catching and stopping most of the malicious email from reaching our inboxes, it is up to each of us to be responsible with our own information.

Recently, we've seen emails that appear to come from district employees with links to Dropbox files. These messages don't look suspicious at first glance, but if you hover over links (don't click - just hover!) you will see that the links are really going to take you to a different site. The link actually took users to a page requesting a username and password. If that information was entered on the page, the scammers likely grabbed that information and may use it to access other accounts.

If you receive an email from a district employee that you didn't expect or that seems "phishy," reach out to them in a new email asking if it's legitimate or not. You can also reach out to your CTI, Instructional Tech, or the Computer Repair Technician for your campus.

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Reserve an #EMSTechspert

We want to help you successfully infuse technology into your classroom. We would love to train you on how to create tech infused lessons, co-teach the lessons, or even share our favorite tech tools with you!

Email your IT today to set up an appointment! (Find contact info here.)

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