Benefield Elementary Beacon

December 15, 2014

District Developed Assessments (DDA) this week!

All students 1st - 5th grade will be testing this week. Monday: ELA, Tuesday: MA, Wednesday: Science, and Thursday: Social Studies.

Dr. Myers sent out directions via email. Test will be checked out by the upstairs testing closet. We will have three stations for returning test (Downstairs media center hallway, upstairs OR hallway and upstairs by Michel Eugene's room). Please review your answer documents and check for any stray marks. We will scan the answer documents and make any corrections on the spot.

eClass C&I Professional Learning

On Thursday, December 18th, we need to meet during your planning time in the media conference room. Please bring your laptop. We will work on preparing your C&I course page for second semester. Thanks!

Sunshine Winter Luncheon & Dessert Bar

Everyone will receive a "ticket" to eat in the cafe on Thursday (thanks Sunshine)! Please give your ticket to the cashier, so Sunshine can treat you to your lunch.

The dessert bar will be available in the front office conference room from 10:30 - 1:00. Please drop off your items which do not require refrigeration/heating on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.

OMC Data in Communities

Please submit your MOY reading levels, SBA Quarter 2, and MOY Exemplar data by Friday, December 19th. You can submit your MOY writing levels after winter break. It is imperative that the data is submitted, so that midyear reports for the county can be submitted. Thank you for working on getting this information submitted.

Trailer Laptops & Electronics

Please remember to bring in your laptops to the testing closet after bus call Friday!

Clean out Refrigerators

We need to throw out spoiled food, take home perishable items, etc. Please take a few moments to check for your items. The custodians will be cleaning and throwing away items immediately after school on Friday, December 19th. Thanks!

Student Health Surveys (Grades 3-5 only)

Please use 5-10 minutes of your computer time in December to have students complete the GA DOE Student Health Surveys. Mrs. Schiefelbein has set up the links to make it easier for the students. If you need support, please let Mrs. Schiefelbein or I know so we can help.

If students return the survey "permission slips" this is for a DO NOT PARTICIPATE. Please send all permission slips to Dr. Walker for follow up.

Twelve Days of Winter Break Incentive

I have created a Twelve Day Winter Break Math/Reading Incentive for students. The Powtoon will be released Monday in eClass for students to learn about the incentive. Each day beginning Friday, December 19th, a news item will be released with a Voki and an activity. The purpose of the activity is to encourage learning over school break and to familiarize students with resources/tools in eClass. Students who successfully complete the 12 Days will receive a dog tag. Please encourage your students to participate!

January 5th Professional Learning Day

We will expand the Math Noticings to 24 individuals due to the high demand. If you would like to sign up, Mr. Kasler will be adding additional slots. If you have not signed up for your session, please use this link to make your choice. The agenda was emailed and is posted in communities. You will need your laptops in the cafe. A light breakfast will be served.

Academic Contracts & Report Cards

It is time to start working on your second nine weeks academic contracts. The goal is to include the contracts in the report card envelopes for parent signatures. As you input grades and review student performance, please prepare an academic contract for any student receiving a "N", "D", or "U" in the areas of reading/writing and/or math. If students were previously on an academic contract, please review and update any needed interventions. Kid Talks need to be occurring simultaneously.

2nd Nine Weeks Report Card Timeline

1/6/2015 Grades must be entered by 12 midnight

1/7-8/2015 Report card verifications emailed to teachers

1/8/2015 Teachers submit Good Citizen names by 12 midnight

1/9/2015 Teachers meet during planning to verify report cards in media center conference room.

1/12/2015 LSTC pulls perfect attendance and good citizens & prints certificates

1/13/2015 LSTC prints report cards

1/15/2015 Report Cards in Mailboxes

1/16/2015 Report Cards go Home in Friday Folders with Academic Contracts

Individual Teacher Data Sheets

As you complete your MOY assessments, please begin updating your data sheet. Please make sure to add any new students who have enrolled since your last update. Data to be entered includes: MOY Exemplar, MOY Writing, 2nd Nine Weeks reading level, 2nd Nine weeks SBA.

When recording, it is important that we use the same coding system. Please enter your exemplar data as N-0, N-1, N-2, A-3, etc. Only enter a letter for your reading level and enter a score out of 100 for your SBA.

All data sheets are due Friday, January 9th.

Winter Celebrations

We will have our winter celebrations on Friday, December 19th @ 2:00 PM for K, 1st, 4th, & th5 grades and 1:15 PM for 2nd & 3rd grade due to special schedule. Please limit your celebrations to this time only. You may have your celebration in the cafe to limit the amount of clean up (use signup genius for tables/times). If you choose to celebrate in your room, please only serve clear liquids. Please use a plastic tablecloth to cover the floor and minimize stains.

Bingo with the Principal (12/19/14)

This month, we are having our "Bingo with the Principal" celebration on Friday, December 19th. Kindergarten students will play Bingo beginning at 8:20 - 8:55 AM. All other grade levels will begin at 9:05 - 9:35 AM. To participate, students must have participated in at least four months of reading (summer can count as one month).

Spelling Bee

Ms. Stocks will be communicating with you about the process, but we will have our class spelling bees in December with your winners due 12/18. This will allow the students the opportunity to practice over winter break. Our school wide spelling bee will be on Thursday, January 8th in the Media Center (9:00 AM).

Newsletter Feedback

Thank you for your feedback. Some teachers would like to see The Beacon published on Fridays (I will work on meeting this request). Some teachers asked for the link to be mailed directly to them. I'm providing a hyperlink in the email with the link. To access the link from email, click on the blue words title The Beacon and it will take you directly to the newsletter. Each week's links are posted in communities under bookmarks for easy reference. Thank you for your feedback!

Restoring your Google Calendar

Tracy Heinitz found a new way to import our Google Calendar into our Lotus Notes Calendar to merge all our dates! Copy this link and paste into the "add new calendar" section. You cannot go to the link and then try to copy. See directions below:

Select Add A Calendar

Click the down arrow next to Add and select iCalendar feed

Type in the name BES

Copy and paste this URL into the URL field.

Select OK, and you are done

Upcoming Events & Deadlines

Monday, 12/15: DDA ELA, Classroom Spelling Bees names due 12/18 to Ms. Stocks, ILT Meeting 3:15, Peer Leaders @ 3:15 PM

Tuesday, 12/16: DDA MA, Retirement Celebrations 3:15 PM,

Wednesday, 12/17: DDA SC, Special Areas HOST Session

Thursday, 12/18: DDA SS, Special Areas HOST Session; eClass C&I Second Semester Content Professional Learning Session during planning K-5

Friday, 12/19: Waffle Breakfast in mailroom @ 6:50 AM; RFL Tackky Sweater Day, BIngo with Principal (Kinder 8:15, All Others 9:00), 2nd & 3rd Winter Party @ 1:15 PM, all other winter parties @ 2:00 PM.

Winter Holidays (12/20 - 1/4)

Monday, 1/5: Professional Learning Day (see agenda)

Happy Birthday!

Ammee Robbins 17-Dec

Mike Thomas 20-Dec

Kim Hunter 22-Dec

Tramone Sherdon 24-Dec

Heather DeGrace 25-Dec

Joanne Schlenker 27-Dec