World blood donor day

Celebrate on June 14!


People all around the world celebrate blood donor day every year on the 14th of June. This thoughtful event was established in 2004. It is to raise awareness about needs for safe blood and to thank those who are kind enough to donate safe blood which can save lives and give people with severe conditions such as cancer longer and happier lives. It is the 10th anniversary since this helpful day was launched. Sadly the world needs more people willing to give some blood to people in need. Why not give it a try?

More Information

Not just anyone can donate blood. You must be atleast 16 and cannot be over 70. You must be fit and healthy without any heart problems or diseases because you could pass your problem to others who already have problems. You cannot be pregnant or have had surgery in about the past two weeks.

WHO: Dr Margaret Chan video message for World Blood Donor Day 2013