Mrs. K's Third Grade Update

January 15, 2016

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a very relaxing and wonderful winter break! It looks like we started off the third quarter uneventful except for the snow day and delay. The first week we were a little sluggish, but we picked up speed this week and are getting close to being back in full swing.

Curriculum Overview

We have some new things going on, so we have a little change to our daily routine. Students come in first thing and complete their agendas. That provides them with about 15 minutes of keyboarding practice prior to math.

Word study will continue as has been. In science we have moved away from physical sciences of matter and scientific inquiry and towards earth and space science. Students have read about new inventions and their inventors. They are currently completing a mini research assignment on the biography of an inventor. We have learned about our planet earth and are currently locating information about each of earth's layers. Students will be completing a layered book to share what they have learned. We will quickly move into how rocks are made, the properties of rocks, and the rock cycle. Students will continue to use technology and nonfiction to enhance their learning.

Students are writing a narrative about a magical snowman. Thank you for helping them put together and decorate their snowman buddy. They are working towards their longest writing yet while at the same time incorporating "Lead" paragraphs, descriptions that "show" not "tell" what is happening in their story, and are building plot and dialog in their story and adding a touch of magic.

We are finishing the second book in the Land of Elyon series as a read aloud, but have yet to pick out a new read. Students will also be participating in a whole group novel called The One and Only Ivan.