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March 2015

OverDrive Updates Hudson Children's Book Festival Authors

Check out the Hudson Children's Book Festival Author collection of eBooks and audio books now available through OverDrive

Click on the Collections drop down box to select the Book Festival collection.


Hudson High School and Hudson Jr. High School now offers eBooks and audiobooks free through the library! Students, faculty and staff can browse the collection of more than 2,000 titles in a variety of subjects including classic and current fiction as well as popular nonfiction titles. This collection can be accessed 24/7 by visiting:


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What's an infographic?

Infographics are an easy way to combine data/information with graphics to create a meaningful visual presentation.

An article that is worth reading is The Anatomy of an Infographic. it covers the visual, content and knowledge as core components to an infographic. Color schemes are very important to the core of the infographic because readers can follow the colors to the information. Also it talked about using flow charts or skeletons to organize the information. Graphics are extremely important. The article explains that there are two types of graphics: theme and reference. Research and knowledge are the last two components to a successful infographic. It is an article that I would suggest people read to help organize and design infographics.

Informative website: What is an infographic?

Infographic Articles

One of my favorite articles I read was this link here: Infographics Lie. Here’s How to Spot the B.S. actually shows how to spot the graphics that are meant to mislead the viewer into believing the data is accurately portrayed. A skill worth learning?

It’s interesting on the presentation of data can be skewed by the visual format. I know this happens often but to have someone point out to me how it is done was awesome.

So, what have I actually done you may ask? I had way too many things going through my mind that is why I have taken so long on this project. I started on but also tried but didn’t like it very much.

So I started a new project on piktochart. My first one was to use piktochart to compare books and movies but I got bored with that and deleted it (it’s a good idea if anyone wants it).

I created two different infographics for an 8th grade science project to show students what they need to research about renewable energy.
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