Iranian Hostage Crisis

By Deisy Gonzalez & Jaquelin Vega

Iranian Hostage Summary

On November 4, 1979 Iranian hostage crisis occurred. On that day it was the last connection we had with Iran. They captured fifty-two American people for 444 days; over a year. Many of the college students protested; they wanted America to deport all Iranians. President Jimmy Carter tried his best to try and rescue all 52 American’s and because he could not, hundreds of people were disappointed and did not reelected him.

The President tried to rescue the fifty-two American people, but every time something would go wrong many Americans were angry because of this. More than six Americans were able to escape. The president of Iran shah made a deal with the U.S. The deal was that America had to give them eight billion dollars to Iran, and in return they would let the Americans go. The deal also included that the United States would never interfere with Iran affairs. Finally, on September 1980 after 444 days of having the remaining Americans captured the Iran President decided to let the Americans go in Wiesbaden Air Base in Germany.

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These are some of the men the Iranian people capture.
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Iranian burn the united states flag

Iranian radicals burn the American flag atop the embassy. The Iran Hostage Crisis was a 444-day standoff at the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran.
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President Carter

President Carter in the Oval Office during the hostage crisis.
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The United States try to rescued
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