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December 7, 2015

Cedar Hill's Mission

Cedar Hill students, staff and families are committed to ensuring high levels of learning for all students and providing a positive, safe, and consistent climate that promotes student character.

Our Vision

Cedar Hill is a professional learning community of students, educators, and parents recognized for the excellence of our safe, student-centered environment, the character of our students and staff, and the involvement of parents and community partnerships.

We have an unwavering commitment to engage in meaningful collaboration with peers, parents, and students to: discover and implement the best research-based practices; analyze student data; and make informed decisions about differentiated instruction and student learning.

Students actively engage in hands-on learning, utilize technology on a daily basis, and achieve individually at their highest level as lifelong learners who are prepared for a globally diverse society.

Cedar Hill Staff Commitments

These are the commitment statements drafted by the FLIGHT team after our workshop with Michael Auer. Each grade level team should review these with their FLIGHT team leader during Teamwork Tuesday this week. We will finalize our commitment statements after the Learning Center on Friday!

•We commit to implement the components of the Positive Behavior Support System (PBS) with fidelity.

•We will celebrate student achievement on a daily basis. (clipping up, academic/behaviorial successes, character assemblies).

•We will actively strive to improve communication between school, home, and community through various forms of media.

•We commit to collaborate with our colleagues to create meaningful, differentiated lessons that maximize the use of our class time and provide real-world learning at each student’s instructional level.

•We will monitor student learning and growth through formative and summative assessments.

•We will use assessment information to monitor student growth, guide our instructional practice, and provide intervention/enrichment opportunities for student learning.

•We commit to study research-based practices and pursue ongoing professional development that is necessary to implement more rigorous and relevant instruction each day.

•We will incorporate real-world, relevant examples in our instruction to connect learning to real- life situations for our students.

•We commit to facilitate instruction by incorporating and using technology on a daily basis.

PTO Update

We have a wonderful PTO! They purchased a new storage shed and had it installed outside of the kitchen entrance on Friday morning! This was with the help of a very nice donation by the Carwile family! We are so blessed to have terrific parents who want to help us with our needs!!

Shout-Out To Coach White

Ryan did an excellent job leading the district's CPI training this past week! We are so proud that you are helping to organize and provide professional development to others in our district! Thank you for committing to do this each year!

The Holiday Spirit Has Arrived!!!

Cookie Tray Day Is Coming!!

Cookie Tray Day is December 15th! Please bring a 1-2 dozen cookies, candy, sweet/salty snack, etc. to make our cookie trays for our business and neighborhood partners. We'll also have some to share!!!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day Contest

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is around the corner!!!! Find or create your ugliest Christmas sweater and wear it to school on December 17th! We'll have a voting contest to see who wins this year! Be ready to parade around, have some fun, and show-off your sweater!! This is also the day we will have the annual pizza luncheon in the library!
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Casey and Leah both won the Ugly Sweater Contest -2015

December 18th Schedule - Wear Your Pirate Shirts/Santa Hats

9:10- 5th Grade watches The Nutcracker in the music room until completed.

9:40-10:10- 4th grade Specials

10:10-10:40- 2nd grade specials

10:40-11:10- 1st grade specials

11:10-11:40- 3rd grade specials


1:20-1:50- Kindergarten specials

2:15- Holiday Musical Assembly - "12 Days of Pirate Christmas!"

3:00- Classroom Parties

December 21st Polar Express Theme Schedule- TBD

Lounge Clean-Up

The refrigerator will be cleaned out on the 21st by this month’s lounge-duty crew. Please mark anything that you want saved with your name. Otherwise, all items are going to go in the trash!

December 22nd Schedule- Half-Day Early Release

We will not have specials on the 22nd.

Lunch – All classes will bring their sack lunch upstairs to eat with their teacher. No morning (lunch) recess.

Lunch Schedule:

11:00-11:10- Kindergarten

11:10-11:20- Grade 1

11:20-11:30- Grade 2

11:30-11:40- Grade 3

11:40-11:50- Grade 4

11:50-12:00- Grade 5

Please bring your class to the cafeteria to get their lunch at the time listed above. Students should use the hand sanitizer before getting their lunch. Students get their lunch and exit out the door at the back of the cafeteria to the Y-Care hallway and return to their classrooms for lunch. Trash bags will be sent back to your classrooms for disposing trash after you eat. Tie the trash up and set it by the door in the room. Please do not throw food in the classroom trash cans.

Hallway/Stairwell/Cafeteria Monitoring: Terri, Rick, Ryan, Sarah, Jessica, Georgie, Polly, Kim

Bits and Pieces

Classroom Diagnostic Tests (CDT)

Grades 3-5 teachers will be administering the CDT during the next two weeks. These are the interim assessments that have been released by DESE to benchmark student progress.

Testing will require the use of iPads or laptops. It will be very important that there is no noise during testing in the halls or outside of the computer lab. Thank you so much!!!

Please have your Data Cycle data updated in Google Drive upon beginning/ending each unit in math and each cycle for literacy. I will be looking at first semester data team work during our break, so it will be important that all is updated before you go home on the 22nd. Thank you for your hard work!!

Have a colleague who has gone above and beyond or just consistently shows what it means to be dedicated to our students and our school? Send you nomination and a couple sentences describing why you are making this nomination for the January Staff Appreciation Breakfast. This is due by Friday, December 11th.

Healthy Snack Day- Friday, December 11th! Jessica is hosting a "healthy" snack day in the lounge. It will be a great time to share your healthy snack recipes with everyone at school, during this somewhat "unhealthy-eating" time of the year. Please bring a healthy snack to share as well as the recipe for others to copy! This will count as our building's wellness challenge for December and it will be worth 25 points towards the 500 point total. Thank you, Jessica!!!!

Secret Santa is December 14-18.

Kelly Services- 1-866-535-5998 or 635-5962.

Grades 2-5- Please make sure you are providing your students with the opportunity to use Typing Instructor.

Infinite Campus Gradebook must be updated by Tuesday with the previous week's scores. Thank you for keeping up with grading to help guide instruction and to inform parents of progress!

Please continue to use the clip-up charts, tickets and Skyhawk Bucks!!!! Lunch bunch this week was great!!!

Mid-terms were before Thanksgiving. If I didn't get a copy of your mid-term letters for students with grades of a C, D or F, please put a copy in my mailbox. Thank you for keeping me up-to-date with students that you have concerns about at this time.

Clean your Smartboard filters before going home for break!

**With the upcoming testing, I am making the decision to wait on Math Night planning. We will get the C4 team together in January to look at another possible date in the spring. PTO is planning a big fundraiser- Trivia Night - for Jan. 22nd for our families/community. Mark your calendar and let's get some teams organized!!! More information will be coming from Becky Cripe and her committee!!!

Be Safe! Be Respectful! Be Responsible!

Upcoming Events

Monday, Dec. 7th- Walking Day 2, 3, 4

8:15 TST (H.S.) Dutcher and team

1-3- 5th Grade - Testing - Please keep very quiet in the hallways. :-)

Tuesday, Dec. 8- Walking Day K, 1, 5

8:15 IEP (M.V.) Kleene, Colozza, Werdehausen

11:00-1- 5th Grade Testing- Please keep very quiet in the hallways. :-)

1:45- TST (K.A.) Dutcher and team

Wednesday, Dec. 9- Walking Day 2, 3, 4

8:20- TST (A.R.) Clark and team

9:00-11:30- Lorie at Administrative Council- Dix Road

1:00- 3:00 - 4th Grade Testing- Please keep very quiet in the hallways. :-)

Thursday, Dec. 10- Walking Day K, 1, 5

8:00- PBS Tier 2 Meeting- Jessica Long's Room

9:30-11:20- 4th Grade Testing- Please keep very quiet in the hallways. :-)

Friday, Dec. 11- Walking Day 2, 3, 4 - Healthy Snack/Recipe Day!!!

8:00- Faculty Learning Center- LIbrary -

Commitment Statements Presented

January 4th Professional Development Planning

PBS Updates

Rehearsal for Staff Musical

9:10- Reeval (D.W.) Koch, Colozza, Rost (Leanne- please cover Kate's room 9:05-9:40.)

10:15- SpEd Meeting with Dr. Logan- office (McDowell, Ciolli, Werdehausen, Rost, Colozza)

1:20- IEP (K.W.) Werdehausen, Long?, Rost

2:10- IEP (H.P.) Werdehausen, Clark, Rost

Monday, Dec. 14- Walking Day K, 1, 5 - 1st Grade Service Project- Food Drive Begins

PLC Training- Columbia- Jessica and Amy B.- Please see me about attending this month.

1-3- 3rd Grade is testing- Please keep very quiet in the hallways. :-)

Tuesday, Dec. 15- Walking Day 2, 3, 4

COOKIE TRAY DAY- Please bring cookies, etc to the office so we can assemble trays of goodies for our neighborhood and business partners!

8:15- IEP (D.N.) Colozza, Bearden, Rost, Werdehausen

1-3- 3rd Grade is testing- Please keep very quiet in the hallways. :-)

Wednesday, Dec. 16- Walking Day K, 1, 5

Holiday Soups and Sandwiches- PTO Treats

8:30- Staff Musical Practice- Music Room

8:00-3:30- Lorie is at ICLE Workshop- Dix Road

Thursday, Dec. 17- Walking Day 2, 3, 4 - Ugly Christmas Sweater/Holiday Spirit Day!!!

7:50- PBS Tier 1 Meeting- Terri's Room

9:30- IEP (E.C.) Colozza, Rost, Koenigsfeld- (Leanne- please cover L. K's class.)

11:00-1:20- Merry Christmas from me and the office staff!!!! Pizza luncheon in the library!!!

12:15- 3rd Graders go caroling at business partner locations

Friday, Dec. 18- Walking Day K, 1, 5- WEAR PIRATE SHIRTS FOR PERFORMANCE TODAY!!

8:10- IEP (S.M.) Colozza, Werdehausen, Rost, Dickey

9:30-11:30- Fifth grade attends Nutcracker performance- music room

2:15- Holiday Sing-A-Long

3:00- Classroom Parties

Monday, Dec. 21- Walking Day 2, 3, 4- PAJAMA DAY!!!

Polar Express Activities Day- More info to come from the Reading Committee

8:10- IEP (Q.K.) Koenigsfeld, Colozza, Rost

Tuesday, Dec. 22 - Walking Day K, 1, 5 - Wear Christmas Attire/Santa Hats/Bells

We will eat in our classrooms today. We will get a sack lunch/milk in the cafeteria and go upstairs. A schedule of the morning is forthcoming.

12:50- 1/2 Day Release