The Night Gardener

Not for ages 8 and under

By Kristin Svahn

Jonathan Auxier will make you jump out of your skin

This novel is about a 14 year old girl named Molly and a 12 year old boy named Kip. Molly's and Kip's parents died on a ship when the kids were very young, and as a result, they learned to survive on their own.They come across a mysterious house in the woods while looking for work and end up beginning their incredible journey. The house is haunted by a man known as the night gardener, where he, along with the home owners, change Molly and Kip's view of the world. They will likely change your view too.

At night Molly and Kip start to have terrible dreams. They soon find out that the home owners have them too. The longer they are staying there the more pale and weak everyone becomes. They are all turning this way because the night gardener comes into their room each night and gives bad dreams to them. The bad dreams cause them to sweat and the night gardener uses a towel to pick up the sweat and drain it into a watering can for a huge tree in the front of the house.

Molly and Kip soon find themselves with spare time one day, so they decide to look around by the tree. They discover something extraordinary next to the tree. There are 12 very long and narrow holes. Then they see the little mounds of dirt by the side of the house. As it turns out, the holes are actually graves.

This is a book that you have to read. This would be a great fit for the people in the world that love suspense,action, and mystery. Beware! This is not a relaxing bedtime story.I hope my review will encourage you to read The Night Gardener. Look for it at local bookstores near you.

Night Gardener Book Trailer