October Chamber Newsletter

Going to be a Spooky time in Huntingburg!

Fall for Some Fun!

This Fall has already been packed with some amazing times. With the Latino Fest and the Fall favorite the Huntingburg Herbstfest, which were both a big success this past September. Now, we move on to even cooler weather and is the fall colors start to arrive, along with some great October Events! The first weekend you can shop till you drop like a maple leave a join in on the Old Fashioned Bargain Days! Then have a spooky time at Haunted Huntingburg and haunting event for all ghauls, mummies and vampires alike!

Local Events for October

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Southwest Indiana Film Fest

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 6pm

517 Main Street

Jasper, IN

A film festival celebrating the movie history and diversity of Dubois County. This is a great place to film. Submissions from all around Indiana have been sent in and will be up for viewing by the public at the fest. Stop in to cast your vote for the People Choice Award!
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Old Fashioned Bargain Days

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 9pm to Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 6pm

East 4th Street

Huntingburg, IN

Come out and enjoy amazing sales at the Huntingburg Merchants Old Fashioned Bargain Days! Great deals at every participating store, sure to find some Fall favorites and ones for all seasons.
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Haunted Huntingburg

Friday, Oct. 9th, 9pm

East 4th Street

Huntingburg, IN

Destination Huntingburg’s 3rd annual Haunted Huntingburg event will take place Friday, October 9 and Saturday, October 10, 2015. A new event added this year includes a blues festival on Market Street, featuring headliner The Boscoe France Band. France was the 2012 winner of Guitar Center’s Battle of the Blues competition, defeating over 4,000 competitors nationwide.

Chamber Member Spotlight!

Disinger Kruger Jewelers - Night Glow Diamond

This Huntingburg Jeweler is offering a diamond that not only sparkles during the day, but sparkles at night.

Disinger Kruger recently got a patent for their Night Glow Diamonds.

The diamonds are cut a specific way to allow light through them.

Underneath the diamond is a glow in the dark membrane that gathers the light and allows the diamond to glow.

The diamonds are only available at the Huntingburg store.

See more articles on their website for exclusive interviews on Disinger Kruger's new Diamond.

Yes Power Yoga

Yes Power Yoga is a Registered Yoga School, (RYS-200). We just wrapped up our second round of certification. The 2015 teacher training group just graduated! This is an amazing program geared toward personal growth and also learning the foundations of the yoga practice. The dates for 2016 program are located on our website: Yes Power Yoga

Junior Achievement Needs You!

Teaching Junior Achievement classes is an excellent opportunity to be involved and give back to our community. We all had adults that helped us in so many ways as kids and it’s my hope that by teaching JA classes that I help at least one student figure out what career path to follow, how to be successful financially, or make an impact on them when they go to their first job interview. Volunteerism and JA are important to our community by bringing us together to help build stronger and wiser youth for their own benefit and that of our city and county. Teaching JA is a very rewarding opportunity and I enjoy every class that I teach.

-Vickie Lewis, JA Volunteer at Southridge Middle School

Are you looking for a way to impact YOUR community ? Junior Achievement is currently seeking volunteers in Dubois County for the 2015/2016 School year. Contact Ruth Wilson, Program Manager at the contacts listed below.

Chamber Chatter

Hello Everyone! Thank you for keeping up with the Huntingburg Chamber and the goings-on of our great community. I hope you are enjoying the new format for our Newsletter and hope it proves to be useful to you as a member or public reader.

This section here for "Chamber Talk" is where I, the Chamber Director, would like to share anything new with the Chamber or myself.

Here we go.....

I recently filled out an application for a program/class through USI called "Connect with Southern Indiana." There were some really amazing questions on the application that got me thinking about my, still new position as the Executive Director of the Huntingburg Chamber.

A question that stuck out to me was:

Describe an issue in your community that you want to explore in this project and the significance of the issue to your community.

My Answer:

"History is made by those generations that look to change the future. Change and growth are possible if we only look to the generations behind us for inspiration. They are the future and will keep this community growing if we only let them succeed."

This question has brought great meaning to me for what I hope to do for our community and I would love for you to share that passion with me. My hope is to keep the wonderful History we have here in our community but bring in the new generation so they can create their own mark in history as well.

- Elizabeth Wertman

Executive Director

Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce

Thank You for Reading!

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