Romeo and Juliet Killed Themselves

Dayton Moeschler

Love is What Did it

Even though Friar gave Juliet the potion it was not his fault that Romeo wanted to die because Juliet looked dead so he wanted to kill himself and that is on them because that was there decision to make ."But as it seems,did violence on herself" (act 5 scene 3).It's significant to my position because the text is saying that Juliet is the one who did the violence to herself"(act 5,scene 3). Juliet is saying she will kill herself for Romeo and she did the blame is on them.

There Love was too Strong

Even though Juliet and Romeo just met

they thought they had nothing left

Romeo and Juliet felt empty with out each other

They truly loved one another

Since Romeo died Juliet wanted to die

Juliet could not live with out him

She thought she would'nt be able to make it in life without Romeo

The Notebook

Because Juliet reminds me of the girl in the movie and Romeo reminds me of the boy in the movie, they both die at the end but the girl and boy died of old age and they died on the same night in the same bed. Just like Juliet and Romeo they died the same night.