come buy the space-battle sphere

are your kids not willing to get some exercise?

Well you need the most amazing, incredible, and fun new technology that can only be found in the SPACE-BATTLE SIMULATOR SPHERE now in toy stores near you. It is the new and only outdoor physical game that gets kids off the couch and out of the house. the special suits you wear let you choose where you want to be and the "asteroids" will move around and go to where you imagine them being. There are a total of twelve "asteroids" being controlled by your mind. The best part is parents can set a timer using the sun. it is entirely solar and brain powered. Selling now for only 4,000.99 to amusement parks and parents that are willing to pay for this dome of pure AWESOME. There are 5 expansion packs that you can combine with this pure AWESOME to make it even more AWESOME!!! We hope you amusement parks buy this soon!!!

the extensions include

thanks for reading!!!