What is the sun?

A sun is a star in the centre of the solar system. It is almost perfectly spherical and consists magnetic fields.The distance from earth to the sun is 149,600,000km long. Wow! thats a long way.The reason the planets are not flying off is because the sun keeps them together like a magnet.Look at it in this way. The sun is a humongous magnet and all the other planets are litle mini magnets. The sun's gravity keeps them all together in their orbits so they dont wonder off.

Did you know that the sun can reach up to 27 milion degrees.That is so hot nothing can survive that, and if a planet went too close to the sun it will burn in ashes.

What is gravity?

The force that attracts a body,a thing or a planet towards the centre of the Earth or towards any other physcial body having mass.Lots of planets dont have gravity and if a person whitout special suit goes to space he would just fly off.once you pass the invisible belt that's seperating the solar system and earth and reach space there will be no more air.

The end

By Stjepan Mamic 5W