Gladiator Games

Come watch the gladiator games at 5:00 on march 7th

Come watch Thebis and Tobis

Come watch them Tonight for the fight of their life! The fight will be at the KINGS Colosseum. The slaves will fight for at least 2 hours, be there or be square!

Read down below for details for next weeks game!

The winner of this week with fight Fluffy the tiger! Who will win fluffy,or The winner of this week? If you wanna know come to Roman Colosseum at 4:30 on May 20th.
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Nearly 30 types of gladiators have been identified.

Trainee gladiators were called Tirones or Tiro.

Women also fought as gladiators.

Several Roman emperors participated in staged gladiatorial bouts.

They only rarely fought against animals.

They were organized into different classes and types.

They didn't always fight to the death.

They weren't always slaves.

Gladiator fights were originally part of funeral ceremonies.