The Trip...

Going from Frisco Texas all the way to New York City.

The Flight.

I was sitting in my seat, minding my own business, until it happened. The baby sitting across from me wouldn't shut up. So I had no choice but to ask the baby's father to put him to sleep. He was very nice he said "Okay sorry for bothering you". So then the father took the baby to the back of the plane and went to the bathroom, he came out, but the baby didn't...

At The Airport In New York!

When I got off the plane it was amazing, But i still wanna know what happened to that baby. Well on the other hand, that flight was way to long. 3 Hours on a plane with Jason, you try it, After that we got our bags and left JFK Airport.

The Hotel.

Me and Jason stayed at the Mandarin Oriental in New York City. It was extraordinary!! Everything was amazing. They had an indoor pool. They had great room service, and amazing food. Jason almost drowned twice so he got kicked out by the life guard, It was pretty funny. Then he came to me crying because he thought he lost the room key, because he didn't know that i had it.

Some Of Our Activities

The Food.

Most of the food that me and Jason ate was McDonald's sadly. It was the only think we could afford. We didn't eat much either, about a McChicken or Two, but i didn't mind and I didn't really care if Jason did or not. But it put food in our stomachs, Better then nothing.

Staying In Our Budget.

It was really hard staying within the budget, the flight alone cost half of it. Then the hotel cost the other half. Just the flight and hotel was 2,000 Dollars, but after all of that was paid or it was easy staying in our budget. Mainly because all we ate was McDonald's.