September 2016

Crossroads Volunteering

Capco CSR organized an exciting volunteer experience with Crossroads on Saturday, 10 September 2016.

Special thanks to Capco volunteers who helped sorting out received goods such as clothing, toys, books, electrical appliances and furniture to get these goods processed, packed, and ready for shipment to those in needs.


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Thank you, Capco volunteers! Without your support the event's success wouldn't have happened!

Biesty, Eileen

Chan, Jenny

Chan, Royce

Darbari, Radhika

Fung, Harry

Lee, Chantel S

Li, Shannen S

Lim, Mark Y

Ng, Eric

Pin, Jensen

Tai, Leon

Tam, Jeffrey

Tang, Venus

Tse, Winnie W

Wong, Sheldon

Yau, Keith S