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Mrs. Allen's K-Learners / April 8, 2016

Our mission is to create a culture of intellectual curiosity where all students have ownership over their learning and are inspired to think, innovate, and create.

News and Notes

Parents, On Friday, April 29th, we are going to participate in the first Patriot Games. This is going to be such a fun field day for our learners. Our class has been divided into two teams. The colors of the teams are red and blue. On Friday, I sent home a Patriot Game t-shirt ordering form. The color shirt they order matches their assigned team color. I already put your child's name on the form and circled the color shirt they need. The ordering deadline is April 13th. I have included an ordering form in the What's Coming Up section, should the one I sent home not make it to you. Please email me if you need to know your child's team. Also be mindful of the Yearbook ordering deadline. When sending money to school, please consider putting it in a sealed envelope with your child's name on the front, as well as what the money is for. Keeping up with loose money is difficult for this age group. It is even best to put small amounts of money for something like the bake sale in a sealed envelope. The bake sale sold out before we got our turn. They are going to have a special sale for us on Monday. I am looking forward to another great week of learning with you child.

Ball Project Update

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How did this happen?

Being among peers that value a culture of intellectual curiosity has brought such authentic learning opporutnities to our project. Coach Hines is one such peer. He has remained one of our biggest supporters and resources for our ball project. He is constantly looking for ways to extend our learning. This flattened soccer ball was a perfect way for him to join in our project once again. Recently, Coach K and the ball team ran over this soccer ball in the parking lot with the activity bus. Coach Hines immediately thought of our project! When he came to share with us, he did not tell our learners what happened to the ball. Through great questioning, he allowed them to discover the answer. This was such a powerful learning experience! In addition to talking about the deflated ball, the bus rolling over the ball allowed us to have a real world example of weight and the use of the description words, "heavier and lighter." This is part of the measurement standard that we used in almost all of our project books. Editing this video was so hard. I wanted you to see every moment of this learning. Please take some time to watch the video with your learner. Also, if you see Coach Hines, thank him for his continued support of not just what is happening with your learner but all the learners at PRS.
How Did This Happen?

Think + Innovate + Create = Basketball Group Book

A new book 6
Take a look at what the basketball group has been working on. We still need to do a little work on this book, but I told them I would put what they had done so far in the newsletter. Stay tuned! We are dreaming big and hope to have a combined book of all the balls in our project coming soon!

Learning from Others

Learning from Others
One of the benefits of being at PRS is learning from the work of others. It is fascinating to see all the learning that is taking place in our building. We recently took a moment to celebrate the learning in other Community K families. Mrs. Etheridge's friends have been learning about the farm and specifically the corn snake. We got to see a stuffed snake that someone brought in for her class to investigate. We also took a moment to step into Ms. Hardy's class to see what they have learned about the great horned owl. Learning at PRS is amazing!

Writing: Opinion Text

OREO - not just a cookie

OREO - Adventures in Writing Camp
We have been using the acronym OREO to help guide us in our opinion writing. We watched the above video when we introduced the OREO format. O stands for opinion. R is for reason. E is for examples (or evidence), and the O is for opinion again. To help with the concept we even enjoyed a real oreo cookie during our writing time. We have another fun activity planned for next week using the oreo cookie. We are going to have a little fun doing the Minute to Win It, "Face the Cookie Challenge." Afterwards we will use the OREO format and write an opinion piece together about the challenge. This is becoming my favorite type of writing. I am enjoying learning everyone's opinions. Some are using this time to tell which ball they liked learning about during our ball project and why.

A Peer Lead Learner Helps us with O.R.E.O.

While Coach Hines was visiting with us, we asked him to model the OREO acronym for opinion writing. You have heard it said "you can't see the forest for the trees." That can be true with teaching sometimes. A teacher can get lost in the details of teaching and lose the objective. Listening and talking with Coach Hines was great peer collaboraiton that allowed me to reflect on this writing. Coach Hines appears to have great writing skills and helped me refocus a little so I could continue to propel our learners in this writing concept. The learners enjoyed Coach Hines examples. Be sure to watch the video. His last example is the best of all. I happen to agree with his last opinion!
Coach Hines Models OREO

What's Coming Up

April 11-15 This week we will continue to work on the writing standard K.W.1: Writing/Compose opinion pieces. We will read the books below as mentor text. We will read the below version of The Three Little Pigs. We will compare/contrast it with other versions. This will help us with the understanding of standard K.RI.9 identify basic similarities in and differences between two texts on the same topic. We will express our opinion on which version is our favorite and why. We will continue working on standard K.RF.3b short/long vowels as well as addition/subtraction. Please work on the last set of sight words. Having command of these words contributes to learners reading skills.
Focus Standards for this week: K.W.1: Writing/Compose opinion pieces.

K.RF.3b Long and short sounds for five major vowels.

*Following Resources have been added in Fresh Grade as well.

Resources for Vowels

Short Vowels:

Long Vowels:

High Frequency Words.

This is an ongoing standard. The words accumulate.

Already introduced: a, am, can, go, I, me, my, play, the, to, you, and,

blue, for, went, is, it in, little, red, yellow, look

-big, help, come, make, not, one, two, three, we, see, said

Words Currently Working on:

-where, jump, they, what, up, down, here, he, she, have, like

April 11 - Pre-order Yearbook $45

April 13 - Patriot Game T-shirt orders due (Order form below if you need a new one. Every child has been assigned to a team. The shirt they order needs to match their team color. Please email me if you are unsure of your child's team color.)

April 18 - Deadline to purchase yearbooks $55

April 25 - Professional Development Day for Teachers/No school for Learners/Kindergarten Roundup for those entering Kindergarten in the Fall.

April 29 - Patriot Games for K-6

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