The banned book project

By:Chad Johnson

Brief history of the books challenges and bans

}Of mice and Men has been challenged since the 1950s because of several things.

}The use of euthanasia, racial slurs, being anti-business, and containing offensive language all make this book worthy of challenging according to the American Library Association.

}Although the book was banned in the 1950s, it is read today by many future generations including most high schools.

themes in the book

}The book “Of mice and men” contains many themes, most of which have to due with being seperated from something.

}Examples of this are loneliness of the itinerant worker, loneliness at home, and alienation from nature

}Some other themes are meanness, social fitness, and Women.

Direct references to themes in the novel

}Loneliness of the itinerant worker-most of the workers during the time of the novel(the great depression) couldn’t afford a fixed house, forcing them to wander from ranch to ranch looking for temporary work

}Loneliness at home- Candy, who has an emotional attachment with her dog, is forced to be alone at her house when her dog dies.

}Alienation from nature-George and Lennies dream of having a farm with cows and a vegetable garden didn’t happen, forcing them to be separated from the beauty of nature that they wanted so badly.

My opinion on the banning of the book

}I think that the book is ok to read. Not only does it show the truth of what people of the past felt, but it has been made into a piece of history. I think the biggest theme that contributed the most to the banning of the book was the amount of loneliness, violence, and truth in the book. This, along with the cursing and other factors, made the book negative in the minds of some people. In a way, it is negative, but if you look at the situations in the book and the amount of truth it has, I think it is ok that the book is like this.