The Five People You Meet In Heaven

Mitch Albom


Eddie, an old man, works at an amusement park on the beach side. Its his 83rd birthday and he was at work telling a co-worker how to fix a ride. A seat comes loose from the ride and everyone panics. Eddie ran to help and seen a little girl under the ride on the ground. He dove to save her and killed himself in the process. Eddie travels through heaven meeting the blue man first who tells him he will meet five people. When hearing these peoples stories he realizes that he is responsible for all their deaths, but realizes he is meant to be at the amusement park helping kids.


Great book, considering it is really a life lesson. It shows that you should care about others lives. It also makes Eddie seem like he is doing good things in life considering all the lives that were lost because of him. His father, Marguerite, and Tala were super important to him because they taught Eddie the important stuff and that he really was a good man.

Main Characters

Eddie- 83 year old man that works at an amusement park, dies, and meets lost ones in heaven.

The Blue Man- Meets Eddie in heaven and tells him that Eddie is responsible for his death after Eddie crossed the road as a child. The Blue Man ended up crashing into another car.

Marguerite- In the beginning she is only in Eddies thoughts and you don't really know what happened to her until Eddie meets her again in heaven.

Favorite Passage

My favorite passage is the moment before the ride breaks. When Eddie is sitting there relaxing and thinking about Marguerite and the little girl comes up to him and wants him to ride rides with her.