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Spotlight Math Teacher for the Month of January Allison Thompson WAES

Leading by Example: 5th Grade Math Teacher Whitney Owls

Allison is one of the most dedicated educators I have had the privilege to work with. Despite increasing adversity within her team, she still comes to work daily happy, smiling, positive, and always looking at the bright side. She is eager to grow and constantly seeking professional development. I'm choosing to share one of our check in videos to show you that we are all perfectly imperfect! The thing that will set us apart from the rest will be our will to want to do better next time. It will be our will to step back, self reflect, and make action steps that move us forward. As you watch this video don't look for perfection from me, don't look for perfection from Allison, look for the will to continue moving forward!

Huge SHOUT OUT to Allison for agreeing to let me share this with the team! Huge THANK You to everyone in our department for embracing video! "Never STAND STILL, Never ACCEPT the current Status, Choose to Move Forward!"

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FYI Math Classroom Walkthrough Look-Fors:

School Leaders, Coaches, and other District Leaders will be completing classroom walkthroughs looking for the following things:

  • Lesson Plans, Workstation Plans, and Pacing Guides Posted in plain sight
  • Daily Objectives posted and matching plans
  • Paper, white boards, manipulatives, journals, etc. on desks in front of students

Trending Growth Area Continued From Last Week: Teacher Centered vs. Student Centered

Check out this blog that caught my eye:education2

Student Talk Leads to Deeper Thinking

December 28, 2014 | PS

I witnessed this cool thing the other day, the thing that I keep on blogging about because I keep on seeing it over and over. I was in a second grade classroom where students were adding two digit numbers. The lesson was to add the ones first, then the tens by decomposing numbers. The well meaning adult in the room (me) kept on teaching it according to the lesson. Students were making mistakes and errors like crazy. Then, I gave them the freedom to try whatever way they pleased.

I was astounded by their thinking, they came up to share one by one with different strategies that made WAY more sense to each other than what I was preaching. It was pretty amazing to see what they were coming up with. Not only did their ways make sense, but they were also accurate. Another reminder that I need to SHUT UP!

This student made tens, and then added the ones and tens in the order that made sense to him.

So let them talk! The deep thinking and learning that will come from it will be amazing.

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Another Resource From: ‘How RTI Works’ Series © 2011 Jim Wright 1

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Check out these characteristics for gradually shifting the cognitive load! Challenge yourself to move through these phases daily! Feel free to think of this as your personal checklist.

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ANET 3 Preview Notes Shout to Mehul for sending me his 4th Grade Notes

I loaded ANET 3 preview notes to sharepoint for your convenience if interested. I also loaded a document from the TN Department of Ed that notes which spi's are focus skills (meaning more assessment items on the test) and which are considered "other content" (still on the assessment but less items).

Resource Hub on Sharepoint-- All QUARTER 3 Assessments have been loaded to Sharepoint