Family Traditions

Maddie Unser


When someone is born into the family they are always baptized in a Catholic church. When my aunt was born she was bought a gown to be baptized in and that gown has been passed down the family to all of the girls for baptism.

First Days of School

Ever since I have started the first day of school my mom has always taken pictures of me and my brother to show how much we have grown.


Each year my family comes together and celebrates thanksgiving by eating turkey and spending time with each other. We usually play different games or go outside and play baseball. This is celebrated by my extended family and immediate family.


During the moth of Christmas a tree is always put up by the family and decorated with lights and ornaments. Each year my family gets together and celebrates Christmas by opening presents from each other and spending time with each other. Christmas is celebrated with my grandparent, aunts and uncles, and cousins.

New Years

Each year my family gets together at my great-grandmas house and celebrates the new year. We always celebrate by the kids having sparkling grape juice and counting down the seconds till the new year begins. It is celebrated by my extended family and immediate family.


Each year for eater my extended and immediate family gets together and eats turkey. My family goes outside and hides Easter eggs in the yard for an Easter egg hunt. After the Easter egg hunt at my grandparent we then go down to the park for another Easter egg hunt.


When someone in the family has a birthday we always have a party for the family and and family friends. We all get birthday presents for the birthday girl or boy and have them open their presents. After the presents have been opened and everyone is thanked we then sing happy birthday and eat cake and ice-cream.

Family Reunions

Each year my extended family has family reunions during the summer. The family reunions take place in the different states of where my family members live. We always cook different meals and have dinner at the same time. Once dinner is over we watch movies and get ready for the next day.


My family is always in the outdoors and are very athletic. It is common in my family that everyone plays sports and hunts.

My Future

I will get my kids baptized in the gown that is being passed down the family and take pictures of my kids on their first days of school and continue celebrating the families traditions.