Cardiovascular Technologist

Jennifer Estrada A1

What is a cardiovascular Technologist?

A Cardiovascular Technologist assist physicians in diagnosing and treating cardiac ( heart ) procedures.

A Cardiovascular schedule appointments, do ultrasounds, view patients files, and monitor patients heart rates.

Cardiovascular Technologist also help by preparing the patients for surgery, by monitoring their blood pressure

Education Requirements & Salary

Education :
  • Cardiovascular Technicians complete a 2 year associates degree that are core classes like anatomy and physics.
Salary :
  • Average salary per year : $48,984
  • Hourly wage : $20

Colleges & Outlook

Outloook :
  • 29% growth from 2010 to 2020
Colleges for Cardiovascular Technicians :
  • New York University - In New York
  • St Philips' college - In San Antonio, TX
  • Barry University - IN Miami, FL