Get a Job!

How to crush your next job interview

Gettin' Ready

Before you walk in there and make a fool out of yourself, get a list of common interview questions you know you will most likely be asked.

  • Prepare your answers and know what to say
  • Look up the company's location before you go and visit before so you know how much time to allow yourself
  • Plan your attire

REMEMBER: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail...

Job Interview Tips - How to Prepare for a Job Interview

The Interview

This is the BIG moment. One mistake could ruin your chance. Start with this...

  1. Walk in with a smile :)
  2. Greet the employer with a kind, sincere tone ("Good afternoon!")
  3. Introduce yourself... ("My name is...")
  4. Shake the interviewers hand (not too hard, not too soft, juuuust right)
  5. Follow the interviewers lead as far as the conversation goes

Typically, you want to get there no sooner than 15 minutes before the interview. You must bring a copy of your resume and other documents of great significance that you can see being useful. Always have questions about the company ready to ask. Do research about the company before to serve as a prompt for your careful questions.

5 Common Interview Questions

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Here is what your going to be asked. 99% GUARANTEE. Also, there's a little bit on how to answer them...

What are you weaknesses?

WHOAH... why would I want to tell them my weaknesses? I'm trying to get a job! Don't panic with this dreaded question. Be honest but tell about something that doesn't apply to the job you are trying to get. Once your weakness is revealed, talk about how you are improving at it.

Why should we hire you?

Talk about your experiences and strengths that tie in with the job to show the employer why you are the best candidate!

Why do you want to work here?

This is where your research comes into play. Look at their website before hand to find reasons why you would fit in. Maybe you agree with the mission statement. Or maybe the work environment is like none other. Show you've thought about it.

What are your goals?

You can't go wrong with talking about your SHORT-TERM goals!

Why did you leave your last job?

Be honest and talk about it in a positive way if you were laid off. If you are leaving your job, explain what you are looking for.

"Why should I hire you" - Best Interview Questions and Answers

Post-Interview (Phewww)

Okay so you made it through and you are done, right? Wrong. If you want any kind of chance, you must follow-up. Here are some tips on writing a thank-you...

  • send it within 24 hours
  • can be email or hand-written
  • hand-written can add a personal touch
  • reference an article or book about something you talked about
  • include supporting documentation about why you are the one
  • amplify a shaky answer you gave during the interview by reiterating it and making it better and more clear

Dress to Impress

What you are wearing tells the interviewer more about you than you think. You must come off the way you want to, so do this with modest clothing.

For both men and women, you want to wear clothing about one step up from the normal wear at the company you are applying for. You want the interviewer to see you working in that environment so know what current employees at the company wear.