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Lukas Wenz

Perseverance is...

Perseverance is the ability to push yourself to never give up and to push through all of the adversity's to come pout successful.

Why do some people persevere while others are unsuccessful?

Some people persevere while others are unsuccessful because the people that are unsuccessful don't have as much motivation or dedication to the goal they are trying to achieve.

Carry On ( Problem/Solution

There were many problems for these two young men. One of these were that one of them couldn’t walk. A friend of his carried him on his back all day. Another problem was that the guy who carried him had bad eyesight. The friend on his back helped him show him where to go and what is in front of him. The guy that couldn’t walk was often just sitting playing video games alone and the guy that carries him would spend time with him which made him happy.

Color Barrier (Sequencing)

In the beginning of Jackie Robinson's athletics career he was attending UCLA and while he was there he played four sports and was amazing at all of them. After that he played in the negro baseball leagues. Then, he got so good at it he started getting noticed by major league teams but back then colored people were not aloud to play in the major leagues. Branch Rickey let him play on the Dodgers farm leagues just to see how good he really is. Branch Rickey wanted him n his team so he brought him up to the big show of the major leagues. Branch started preparing him for everything he would encounter. Once he started playing, not long after there was at least one colored player on every major league baseball team. This shows that he broke the color barrier of baseball forever.

Kid President (Description)

This is a motivational video because he is telling people to make the world awesome! The characteristics he uses to make this a motivational video are bringing in different pieces of evidence for motivation, he also uses humor and seriousness to make it entertaining at some parts and serious in others. The most important reason that makes it a motivational video is how he was talking about Michael Jordan and Gabi because he brought in real life examples of people that once needed motivation and to persevere in their lives.
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All of these examples I showed were examples that show perseverance. Again, perseverance is the ability to push yourself to never give up and to push through all of the adversity's to come pout successful. Never give up...