CKHS Senior Spotlight

Honoring Members of the Class of 2021

Senior year for students should be filled with happy memories of the past and exciting plans for the future. Unfortunately for our seniors at CKHS, and other seniors around the nation, the unpredictability of the pandemic has impacted those memories and plans. Local businesses have struggled as well, and those businesses help put the “unity” in community. CKSD and GTPD want to show our support for the CKHS Class of 2021 and our local businesses.

Members of our senior class will submit a favorite photo of themselves along with their name, activities/interests, the sports/clubs they are in, and their future endeavors upon graduating from CKHS. Once these items are submitted they will be enlarged and laminated for display in local businesses throughout the community. We will updated the featured senior with the businesses until all are recognized.

Parent/Guardian/Student Senior Spotlight Information below:

CK Business Community Information Below: