Module 4, Research

Rough Draft

Continue working on that rough draft!

Like I wrote yesterday, the directions for what to do are very clear, but I'd like to also add that you be sure to double space. It's easier for me to read and make comments, and it will give you a clearer idea of your length. Remember that the final draft has to be anywhere between 3-5 pages, double spaced, so really, this is what your rough draft should be as well.

Remember, your goal is to PERSUADE your reader one way or another about this topic, but there are some strict rules:
3. DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS. Your goal is be strong and convincing; questions often (but not always) weaken the argument

As always guys, I'm here if you need me, so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

10-15: Today's checklist

Nothing complicated...just work on your rough draft! Remember that the first quarter ends next week! It is important to have all of your assignments in on time so that you can end this quarter on a high note! Be sure to remember the deadlines below!

  • Module 4 Lessons 1-6 due for full credit by 7am tomorrow
  • Lesson 7 Rough Draft Rough Draft due for FULL credit by 7am Monday
  • Rough draft for late credit by Noon on Tuesday
  • No rough drafts will be accepted after NOON on Tuesday, October 20

College Applications!

As a Senior English teacher for many (MANY) years, I am well aware of the stress you all are under this week! Many of the early applications are due this week....many today! Each one of you are working super hard in the course, so I am positive you are doing just as much work on your college applications. I wanted to let you know I understand just how busy you are and I want to wish you all good luck with your applications over the next few weeks:)

Wow, great work guys!

Kyle, great work on your baseball paper! It is shaping up to be quite an interesting piece! Another one that seems to be going in a strong direction would be Chase with his work on the gun control argument! I have to say you are all doing a pretty amazing job with this final module for this quarter, I am super excited to start reading papers in the next few days!