Honors English III Syllabus

Ms. Janicki, Central Academy of Technology and Arts

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Course Description

This course follows the Common Core State Standards. Students in English III analyze United States literature as it reflects social perspective and historical significance by continuing to use language for expressive, expository, argumentative, and literary purposes. The emphasis in English III is critical analysis of texts through reading, writing,

speaking, listening, and using media. We will focus on vocabulary and grammar instruction that models the SAT and ACT.

In addition, the student will:

  • Relate the experiences of others to their own.
  • Research the diversity of American experience.
  • Examine relationships between past and present.
  • Build increasing sophistication in defining issues and using argument effectively.
  • Create products and presentations which maintain standard conventions of written and oral language

Click on the link to see the specific Common Core standards for this course:


Thematic Units

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Honors Curriculum Differentiation- and sample assignments

English III HN is an honors level course. This course is also available in the Program of Studies at the College Preparatory level. Students earning credit for an Honors level course receive an elevated number of Quality Points for their Grade Point Average. Students choosing the Honors level course should be aware that this Honors level course will include:

  • Required extension opportunities that are directly related to the Standard Course of Study. This includes additional content beyond that covered in the College Preparatory level.
  • More challenging coursework and assessments. Students will be expected to demonstrate higher levels of understanding for grades.
  • Projects and presentations will be more in depth. Students will have to focus and study regularly to master the content.
  • The expectation that students can move through the coursework at an accelerated pace and students experiencing difficulty should quickly seek guidance from their teacher on how they can be more successful.

Sample assignments and assessments for HONORS curriculum

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Late Work and Make up Work:

Work must be turned in at the BEGINNING of the class period for it to be considered ON TIME.

You have two days for each excused absence to make up your work. Any work that is not completed in the established time frame is late will be subject to the following penalties:

English I- One Late Pass per six weeks with one day to make up assignment (no penalty)

English II- One Late Pass per six weeks with one day to make up assignment (10 point penalty

English III- No Late Pass but one day to make up assignment (50% penalty)

English IV- No Late Work Accepted

It is the student's responsibilty to ask for makeup work upon return to school. Any tests or quizzes must be made up in a timely manner upon return.

If you are absent on the due date of a major assignment, essay, or similar project, the assignment is still expected on or before that due date unless prior arrangements are made with me.

In the event of an unforeseen absence, papers and projects can always be e-mailed to me. If your attached document cannot be successfully opened, it does not count as being turned in!

Resources and Supplies

Students are expected to purchase pencils, pens, post its, paper, glue sticks, a composition book, and a folder to store handouts. In addition to these basic items, you may consider purchasing your own copy of the novels we will be reading in order to highlight and annotate directly in the book. Titles include The Scarlet Letter, The Great Gatsby and A Raisin in the Sun. Some units require your choice of outside reading, which you may find in a library or purchase. Most of our readings will be online through Canvas and in the class set of textbooks Elements of Literature, 5th Course, American Literature. Ocassionally, students will be required to view documentary films for analysis. Film analysis assignments will be announced at least 3 weeks ahead of the due date and students will have choice of any documentary that fits the unit theme.

Requested Supplies


CATA's Student Handbook States:

"Plagiarism is presenting borrowed information as a student's original work. This may involve complete essays or research papers or paraphrases, direct quotations, summaries, or translations derived from translation services or software. Plagiarism is

a form of cheating and is usually dealt with severely in higher education, including a failing grade on the assignment, a failing grade in the course, or even academic probation or expulsion.

1st Offense- Any student who is guilty of cheating or plagiarism will receive a zero for the work and will not be allowed to make up the assignment. The parent/guardian of the student will be notified.

2nd Offense- A student who receives a second violation will result in two days of ISS. Any subsequent offense will result in a three-day OSS (out-of-school suspension)."

Additionally, according to the bylaws of NHS, any member caught cheating (including plagiarizing) could face dismissal or probation as warranted by Faculty Council. There are also consequences as set in bylaws in other student organizations, such as Student Council and Beta Club.

Contacting Ms. Janicki

I am available for tutoring or conferencing before school (8 AM) and after school by appointment. Email is the quickest way to get in touch with me.
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