diary of Anne frank

Anne Frank

Having hope will get you through dispair.

The theme, having hope will get you through time of despair, is shown throughout The Diary of Anne Frank. Hope helps you from bad things. Anne wants to have hope by giving everyone presents. They sing the Hanukkah song to their parents. Then Anne gives Margot a gift. Margot replies, “A new crossword puzzle book” (403). She gave her the gift cause she loved her that why it should hope. There another explain of hope is there a thief in the work place. “Have we lost all faith all courage? A moment ago we thought that they’d come for us. We were sure it was the end” (408). It shows hope by not getting caught.

We must have courage when we tackled with objects

Another theme is courage we must have courage when we tackle with obstacles. Mrs. Franks is talking “Mr. Kraler and Miep….They are our lifeline. Without them we could not live.”(391). They would die without them to bring them food and another theme of courage is they can’t go outside to play. “You must never go beyond the door.” (390). They will get caught if they go outside.
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Symbol of a pencil

A symbol that represents Anne is a pencil because she wrote in her diary. She wants to become a writer when she grows up. "Saturday, the first of January nineteen forty four " (410). It talks about being a writer."I want to be a journalist" (421). she wants to be a writer. When she grow up

Anne Frank

On June 12, a girl was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Her name was Anne Franks. July 6, 1943 went in to hiding Anne wrote in her dairy daily. March 1945 they both died of a disease called typhus. They put her dairy in a museum. ​The contraction camp was in Auschwitz.

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