Al Franken

His thoughts on two controversial issues!

About Al Franken:

Al Franken is currently serving his first term as a state senator from Minnesota. He is affiliated with the democratic party, and was a writer / performer on SNL prior to getting into politics. He has also written several bestselling books that criticize conservatism.

Thoughts on raising the minimum wage, and the Keystone Pipeline

Al Franken, like many other of his fellow progressives, supports raising the minimum wage. When asked why, he explains that the rising cost of living is burdening the lower and middle class, and that he believes raising the minimum wage will help alleviate it.

Al is also an environmentalist, and like many of his constituents, is against the Keystone Pipeline. He believes that too many politicians put the wants of corporations before the needs of the people, and is against domestic drilling. He believes that the possibility of pollution, such as an oil spill, will hurt the Mid-West's economy, and have adverse health effects on it's population.